Firewall Overview
  • 13 May 2022
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Firewall Overview

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A short guide to deciding on a Firewall solution according to your business needs.


Xelon HQ allows you to set up a scalable and controllable Firewall to your networks and devices. As traffic attempts to enter your network, our Firewall inspects it to detect and address threats. Besides our integrated Firewall Service, you can launch your favorite and trusted open source solutions like OPNsense, pfSense, or commercial ones like Fortigate, Sophos, and so on.


Available Firewall solutions

Xelon HQ Firewall Service

We made our Firewall Service with simplicity and inutility in mind. It is the easiest way to get your firewall set up and running, without sacrificing crucial functionality such as IPsec and NAT.

Please note that Xelon HQ Firewall Service does not offer IPS, AV Scanning or Client VPN.

Get started with Xelon Firewalls

Open Source Firewalls

Open source solutions such as OPNSense, pfSense or Linux servers with UFW or IPtables are widespread and offer a wide range of functions, which must be configured manually by yourself. Compared to commercial firewalls, the corresponding support of the manufacturer or commercial rule sets for IPS and AV services is often missing.

You can set up an open source firewall in a few simple steps:

  1. Within the Platform, go to All Devices > Create Device
  2. On the Naming & OS block, select the Firewall option
    open source firewall setup.png
  3. Fill all the needed data below and click Deploy Device

Your custom Firewall will be up and running in less than 15 mins!

Commercial firewall services

If you need a ready-to-use firewall including IPS and AV functions, we recommend to consider a commercial firewall.

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