Two-factor authentication
  • 06 Jul 2023
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Two-factor authentication

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What is TOTP 2FA

The Temporary One-Time Password (TOTP) 2FA method adds an extra layer of security for your organization. It allows users to use authenticator apps like Authy, Google Authenticator, or your own custom app for authentication.

It’s great for businesses looking for a more secure and private authentication option compared to SMS 2FA.

How to set up TOTP

Go to My Organization > Options block > Edit button.

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For the 2FA method, you can select the following options:

  • TOTP with SMS — allows users to log in via an authentication app or use SMS 2FA instead.
  • TOTP without SMS — allows users to log in via an authentication app without having a rollback to SMS 2FA. For this case, only the organization admin who can manage users is able to reset TOTP 2FA.

If the admin has troubles with resetting TOTP 2FA, contact us at in order to reset 2FA TOTP for a specific user.

How to log in using TOTP

When a user has TOTP enabled, they will be prompted to scan a QR code through any authentication app and enter the verification code. Upon next login attempts, they'll simply need to enter it again, without scanning the code again.

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If a logged in user gets their TOTP resetted during the session, they can go to Profile tab at the top-right and set TOTP directly from the UI.

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How to reset TOTP

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Go to My Organization > Organization Users block > Edit near specific user. In an opened window, click theReset TOTP button.

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